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The atmosphere in Pop’s Gym, Jerome Avenue, Bronx, New York


The General (1926)

The sheer ambition that Keaton put into The General has thankfully allowed it to overcome its initial failure and to stand as one of the greatest silent films.

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Stage of Fools by Alan Wherry


The General (1926)

The sheer ambition that Keaton put into The General has thankfully allowed it to overcome its initial failure and to stand as one of the greatest silent films.

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New York City - Night - Lower East Side - Orchard Street

There is nothing like night in New York City.

It’s in the way the lights shine, diffracted and star-shaped.

It’s in the way the buildings glisten like lighthouses for the lost and found.

And it’s in the way the chatter of taxi cabs and cars whiz past the ears like a never-ending dissonant lullaby.

The energy never changes.

It’s as if it is impossible for the city’s energy to change and shift.

As if that frenetic energy that propels us forward through the night was there all along,

and the city sprung up around it with open arms,

a long-lost lover looking for its muse.


Taken on Orchard Street a few nights ago with the Sony A7S as I walked along the streets pondering life and love.


Information about my New York City photography book which is releasing in stores and online in the autumn of 2014 (including where to order it):

NY Through The Lens: A New York Coffee Table Book


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Guns played an important role. Of course, it was called the Black Panther Party for Self-Defense. And we did learn how to use guns. But the point was not to run out and kill people. The point was that there was an occupying army in the black community that was judge and executioner, and that still happens today, and black people had to take a stand at some point and say: enough. You cannot just come in and slaughter us like this. If you do, we’re going to stand up and defend ourselves. There’s a point of liberation for all people, all oppressed people. Whatever they use—now we’re at a point where people have different kinds of weapons—you can’t keep coming in and treating us like we’re animals and slaughter us.

A Long Time to Change, Richard Wolinsky interviews Judy Juanita - Guernica / A Magazine of Art & Politics (via guernicamag)

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Fancy an excruciating evening? Try Amateur Night at the Apollo Theater, Harlem

OK - as a gig it enjoys legendary statue, Billie Holiday graced the stage, Ella Fitzgerald and Sarah Vaughan debuted at Amateur Night, anyone who’s anyone in the jazz world played there. How could an evening at the venue be anything other than an anti-climax after that build-up. And it was, totally that, Maybe it’s just me and you wouldn’t be mildly irritated with someone introducing someone else, introducing someone being given a check for $1000 for doing well in some community college in Serbo Croat. Try that times four, Serbo Croat substituted for embroidery and the technology of dry cleaning, for an hour and a half with some ghastly politician joint MCing the proceeds.

Gotta mention too, as I walked along a corridor leading to the Gents, I saw three yoginis conspiratorially giving bandhans for Ben Blythe. What in God’s name for? Are the asking the divine to rig the results so Ben can win? Seems lunatic and fanatical to do so.

Then came the acts. I can’t remember the first few. A comedian who was booed off before he got his first joke out, then a lunatic woman wailing like a banshee as she, in a spoken word act, related hysterically being pushed by a white copy, then shot and dying on the ground, with some waffle about racial profiling.

Then came Ben Blythe from New Jersey. When he stepped on stage, I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. His dress attire might best be described as confused, He sported a puce colored flat cap, black horn-rimmed glasses, and an off white jacket of the type frequented by ice-cream salesmen in my youth. Like someone who’d had a guitar put in his hand and shoved unexpectedly onstage, he stood at the corner of the stage, never venturing anywhere near the center. He managed to get about two sentences out before the boos started and he was escorted off the stage within thirty seconds of making his appearance.

The MC came on again and satirized Ben’s vocal style, something approaching a thin reedy whine and made comments to the effect that you should come on and sing about Jesus that way nobody in Harlem is going to boo you.

Clearly, on this showing, bandhans don’t work.

The Advent

Gregoire de Kalbermatten

pages: 420  
ISBN: 978-1-932406-00-9 
first published: India 1979 USA 2003

When Sir C.P. Shrivastava, in the early seventies, was elected Secretary General of the International Maritime Organization of the United Nations, nobody had the slightest clue that this would be a date of particular significance in the calendar of spirituality. And this is because, through moving his family to London, seat of the IMO, his wife came with him and started manifesting to the almost lost generation of Western seekers, the redeeming powers of Kundalini awakening and Self-Realization.

Gurjieff wrote about his encounter with extraordinary men. This book is the story of an encounter with a more than extraordinary woman, a spiritual master with powers of mythical dimension that were revealed in the benign and gracious countenance of someone who appeared to be a diplomat’s wife.

The author, then twenty-five years old, spent some unique moments of discovery and revelation with Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi. The historic value of this recollection and the reflections that follow find their value in the many privileged hours spent with this primordial Mother and Master. Her teachings and meditation praxis are now recognized by large numbers of people all around the world.

The Advent, an account of the author’s experiences, was first published, privately in 1979 in India. It quickly went out of print, and unaccountably, the English language version in which it was first written, remained out of print for over 15 years.

The book is a ‘must read’ for any student of spirituality and Sahaja Yoga. It is a revolutionary book, the first to propose and describe a new category of perception, vibratory awareness, beyond thought, feelings or instinct, by which all kinds of absolute questions are answered.

The Advent was written by G. G. Kalbermatten, under the direct guidance of Shri Mataji herself. The original manuscript shows a number of sections revised by Shri Mataji in her own handwriting.

The society has to be maintained by women, not by men. One must understand, woman plays the most important role.

"The power of woman is like that of the Mother Earth. See how much She’s done for you. She’s given you all the greenery, the beauty. Wherever She goes down, She fills Herself up with water, and She gives you such joy and happiness and bears all the problems of the world despite of whatever things we have done to Her, despite the way we extracted all Her wealth and everything, still She’s giving us wealth. That’s what we are! When we have lost our power, our society has come down. The society has to be maintained by women, not by men. One must understand, woman plays the most important role. She’s in no way less than man, but if she becomes this kind of a power, destruction starts moving in the other direction."

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi - 8 August 1980, extract from seminar opening talk, New York, USA.

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